G-Code generator for milling an arc

G-Code generator for milling an arc

Here you will find the CNC G Code Generator Arc variant of the program.

The  program creates G Code in real time for the milling of circular arcs and elliptical shapes using

X and Y scaling (ellipse), and a canned cycle (shorter code) for symmetrical, or  non canned code (longer code) for unsymmetrical scaling

The G Code is compiled in real time after every change, ie text box inputs and dragging with the mouse.

There are no annoying “Run,Compile, Generate, Build, Save” or who knows what else cycles

Graphics reflect changes in real time

Jobs can be moved exactly with cursor keys pixel by pixel and  be rotated by cursor keys,  pixel by pixel

G Code is automatically copied to the computer clipboard and can be pasted into a simulator  or milling machine directly after every change.

All Jobs can be dragged with the mouse and are selected by mouse movement over them.

No annoying dialog or error message boxes to click away, all messages displayed in a text box under the design area

4000 different jobs, (it is more actually, but computers don’t care how big numbers are, so 4000 sounds human)

The Pockets can be inside the line outside the line, or on the line, inward, and an outward, clockwise cut

can also be specified

Scaling can be in mm or inch

Arcs have a Start angle and also a Sweep angle

Bit width percentage use reduces the aggressiveness of the cut

Here is some sample code in metric, and under that it is in inch.

Please try this on your machine as an air cut before purchasing

N1 G21 G40 G80 G90
N2 G00 Z20
N3 F500 M03 S1200
N4 G00 Z20
N5 G00 X20 Y20 F500
N6 T1 M06 (2 mm)
N7 G00 X51 Y100 F500
N8 G01 Z-0,3 F200
N9 G02 X100 Y51 R-49 F300
N10 G00 Z10
N11 G00 Z20
N12 M09 M30
N13 (###### End job 1 ######)

and here in inch

N1 G20 G40 G80 G90
N2 G00 Z1
N3 F10 M03 S1200
N4 G00 Z1
N5 G00 X2 Y2 F10
N6 T1 M06 (0,2 Inch)
N7 G00 X1 Y4,2 F10
N8 G01 Z-0,3 F10
N9 G02 X3,4 Y1,8 R-2,4 F18
N10 G00 Z0.5
N11 G00 Z1
N12 M09 M30
N13 (###### End job 1 ######)

You really do need a monitor with a large resolution to use this program. Cramming all these text boxes and buttons into this space requires 1600 by 900 pixels

The program runs on:-
Windows XP   (Requires DOT.NET framework 4.0, This must be installed to run the software, it can be downloaded from Microsoft for free)

Windows 7, 8, 10 (Requires DOT.NET framework 4.0, it may not be integrated in Windows 7 depending on update status, but can easily be installed after downloading from Microsoft)

Both versions are 32 bit for maximum compatibility.
A 1.6 screen resolution ratio is best (screen width / screen height e.g 1680/1050 is 1.6)
or things may look distorted.
The drawing area also increases with screen size.

The program may have bugs as it is impossible to test the G Code for every conceivable setup, so please check your code by doing air cuts or running it in a simulator beforehand.

Here is a link to an introductory video.

program basics


The program can be purchased here on the overview page which also includes Circle, Rectangle and Polygon

There is no spyware whatsoever in my software and it only goes online to check for updates.

CNC G-Code Generator Shapes

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