CNC G-Code Generator Graphic Outline To G-Code

CNC G-Code Generator Graphic Outline To G-Code

Program description

The Graphic Outline To G-Code program creates G Code for CNC Routers, plotters and lasers.

The program converts graphic outlines from JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and many other graphic file types (not CAD) into G-Code.

This program no longer supports inch, and cannot be switched to German.


By simply placing the mouse cursor close to the graphic outline and right clicking, the G-Code is instantly generated

Program Functions

In the following picture, powerful optimization routines have reduced the original data from over 6000 lines to 1750 and multiple jobs allow further outlines to be added to complete the picture. The eagle shown here was created in less than 20 seconds from loading to completion, and that includes the two eyes.

Rotation from 0 to 360 degrees


and scaling upward or downwards by any factor, here 80% of originals.

Graphics copied from the browser are inserted automatically into the program and can be converted to G-Code in seconds.

Seven optimization types remove redundant code from the original scan thereby drastically reducing the number of lines and reducing machine moves.

When using the Trace function, movement of the mouse over the graphic is displayed in the G-Code textbox, or movement over the G-Code with the mouse is highlighted in the graphics.

This enables extremely easy editing of glitches or the adding of improvements.

Shown here is the marking of G-Code displayed in the graphic as a thicker line (on the dress of the woman). The resolution is one pixel.

Movement of the mouse up and down the G-Code has marked about 8 pixels in this example. The actual pixel corresponding to the G-Code line is white.

Here the reverse is shown, the mouse (which can’t be shown in a screen snapshot) moving over the graphics and the G-Code textbox highlighting the position, here in line N115

The next picture illustrates the tooltip info to the optimization routines 1 to 7 which are selected by simply typing their number into the small textbox shown directly under the tooltips in this picture next to the Opt button.

To understand how to use these functions best, please watch the video linked below.

Here is the original picture showing the line reduction from 1582 down to 173 lines by using optimization 1275 in that order.


The program runs on:-

Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

XP and Win 7 users will need to install the Microsoft Dotnet framework 4.0, it should already be integrated in Windows 8,10

Dotnet framework download link

The program is 32 bit for maximum compatibility.

A 1.6 screen resolution ratio is best (screen width / screen height e.g 1680/1050 is 1.6)

or things may look distorted.

This program requires a monitor with at least 1450 x 1000 resolution.

The drawing area also increases with screen size.

Please watch these videos which explain multiple job graphics,  optimization, and the trace functions  before purchasing.

Multiple jobs, outlines inside outlines

Optimization routines

Trace functions

This program is currently not available for purchase