G-Code Circle Arc Rectangle Polygon Drill Text Engrave Overview

G-Code Circle Arc Rectangle Polygon Drill Text Engrave Overview

These two program are for rapid G-Code generation of Text Engraving, or for Circles, Arcs, Rectangles, Polygons, Line, Drill for 3 axis milling machines and routers.

Note:- these are two separate programs, one for common shapes and one for text engraving.

A high speed WYSIWYG development environment enabling the production of the shapes shown below, together with the G-Code in seconds

G-Code Arc Rectangle Polygon Drill Text Engrave

These programs are aimed squarely at hobbyist CNC router owners.


When I started writing this program, all I wanted to do was cut a circle 12cm in diameter out of plexiglass 8mm thick.

I looked in the internet for something to perform this really simple task and generate the G-Code for me.

I found “Easy this, and Simple that programs” but nothing was easy or simple.

In fact they were frustrating, tedious and basic.

I bought one for nearly $29 and it was so dreadful it inspired me to write these.

While writing these programs, I went to great lengths to avoid all the annoyances found when using programs that need a lot of input data, with endless dialog and input boxes, all wanting my attention with endless mouse clicks and error messages.

I wrote the program so that everything happens in real time, and it really is “what you see is what you get”.

The Engrave version:-

After the success of the main program for common shapes, such as circle, rectangle, arc and polygon, I adapted

the program shell to create the Text to G-Code Engrave version.

Both versions of the programs are available here on this website.

The Text Engrave version is now finished, it uses any installed True Type font (my machine has 94 standard fonts to give you an idea) including graphic content fonts of any kind, hundreds of which can easily found in the internet.

Furthermore, the input box accepts text pasted from any language and converts it to code immediately,without having the font installed for that language, see picture below which shows as an example, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese.

G-Code Arc Rectangle Polygon Drill Text Engrave

Now that the Text Engrave program is finished I will adapt the original program once again to convert graphics to G-Code, enabling art to be processed and milled.

That should be available shortly.

In the meantime I offer you the two program Variants- Shapes and Engrave.

CNC G-Code Generator All Shapes

CNC G-Code Text Engraving

Please watch the videos on each page to get a better idea of the capabilities of the software

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